Lovesick Hufflepuff - Hogwarts!Klaine AU

Basically, badboy!Kurt and lovesick!Blaine meet Hogwarts. In which Kurt is a Slytherin and Blaine is a Hufflepuff. The story of how Klaine gets together:)

Since the first time Blaine laid eyes on the Slytherin boy, he was gone. He was terribly in love. But Kurt never noticed. Blaine never thought that he would. Until they were thrust together for prefect duty, Blaine had been content with his stupid crush but the second Kurt looked at him like that, like he was noticing him for the first time… His heart was gone forever. Too bad Kurt would never care.

Rated: PG-13

Kurt Hummel, 6th year Slytherin, was possibly the most annoying wizard to ever exist. He was bitchy and conniving and rude and smart and gorgeous and talented and—no. Well. Yes. He was all of those things but mostly the first three. Because Blaine Anderson would never let himself acknowledge the other traits. Not as long as he wanted to survive.


He remembered the first time he had noticed Hummel. It was his third year, right after his first Quidditch game as the Hufflepuff Keeper, and he’d been practically skipping back to the common room to celebrate their win when he’d stumbled upon Hummel and another boy—a fellow Hufflepuff called Sterling—making out in an alcove.


Sterling, whose first name was Jeff, had blushed and exited the embrace before pushing past him and mumbling about the victory party and he’d be late and Nick was probably wondering where he was. And so Blaine had been left with Hummel.


He was tall and slender but had obviously strong arms. His hair was perfect, his skin was unmarked porcelain, and his lips… Blaine had fantasized for months about those lips before he’d learned more about the 4th year student.


Hummel was gay, obviously, and that certainly fueled a lot of the desire Blaine felt himself harboring for the other boy but the fact of the matter was that Hummel didn’t know the meaning of the word monogamy. Theoretically, he supposed, the Slytherin had to know of its literal definition, but he never practiced it.


First there was Jeff. Blaine had quickly found out that Sterling had only been using Hummel in the hope that his best friend, and secret crush, Nick would get jealous. He did. And the phenomenon that was Jeff and Nick together had been going strong ever since. But there were others.


Random others from all houses that he made out with in the Quidditch stands, groped in the Great Hall, and moaned with in random classrooms or, allegedly, the Room of Requirement. Hummel wasn’t picky.


The problem, however, was in the fact that Blaine didn’t mind that. Blaine just wanted Hummel to notice him. Blaine wanted him to chase him, to flirt with him, to come on to him, but no. The only guy he got chasing him was Sebastian Smythe, another 6th year Slytherin, and the only guy Hummel had ever turned down.


And not that Hummel was really much of a slut. It was just that people didn’t ask him out that often. In fact, Blaine could on one hand—three fingers specifically—how many people had ever asked out Kurt Hummel. He flirted with guys and they were responsive and welcoming but almost nobody was brave enough to be the first one there. The exceptions, of course, were Jeff, a seventh year Ravenclaw that Hummel had “dated” for three months, and Smythe.


Smythe was a more concentrated form of Hummel. He went out of his way to be crude and get attention. And, as he’d told Blaine many times, he never took no for an answer.


But the fact still remained that no matter how handsome Smythe was and no matter how much of a horrible attitude Hummel had, Blaine was always going to want him. He was always going to want the gorgeous Slytherin with the indescribable eyes. He was always going to want his laugh and his wit and his charm, always going to want to watch him work in class or go to Hogsmeade with him, always going to wonder what he looked like when he’d just woken up, always going to wonder what kissing him would be like… Because Blaine could talk all he wanted about how much he hated Hummel. The truth was, he’d been in love with him for years.




They had patrol together.


It was Blaine’s first year as a prefect but Hummel’s second and so the newbies got paired with others so that they could learn what to do. Halfway into Blaine’s fifth year, he’d already been paired with most of the others at least once so… Hummel was left.


"C’mon, Hufflepuff," the taller boy sighed. "Let’s get this over with."


It wouldn’t have been a stretch to say that the evening was the most uncomfortable thing Blaine had ever experienced in his life.  The other boy was distant and cold, going through the motions as professionally and quickly as possible.  Blaine admired his maturity but at the same time felt extremely put off.  Hummel couldn’t remember him, could he?  It had been two years ago and the Slytherin had a reputation for not remembering boys from a week earlier.  So why was he being so distant?


“Keep up,” Hummel said to him.  “We just have to check the Astronomy Tower and then we’re done.”


Blaine followed dutifully, feeling like an inexperienced first year on his way up to the dormitories for his first time.  Hummel had that effect on him.  In fact, Hummel had that effect on everyone as far as he could see.  His best friends were a couple of girls who could make any other female in the whole school jealous of their looks or their brains or their popularity.  His brother Finn, the Hufflepuff Quidditch Captain, was handsome and strong and attracted attention wherever he went.  He was one of the best in his class, smarter than many Ravenclaws, braver than half of Gryffindor House, and, when he wanted to be, more thoughtful than even the kindest Hufflepuff.  He was just…perfect.  He could have been in any house that he wanted if he’d given his opinion to the hat when he’d been sorted.


But Blaine knew why he was in Slytherin.


He was cunning.  He was witty and sharp and didn’t let anyone talk down to him.  There were other wizards—taller, bigger, meaner—that had picked on him when he was younger but Hummel had ended that before they could blink.  He wasn’t cruel though.  Not really.  And just like most of his fellow Slytherins, they had evolved beyond their founder’s history.


They weren’t racist, classist, sexist, or prejudiced in any way, shape, or form.  Hummel was openly gay just like his closest friend, Santana, and they were indiscriminant.  Mostly, they hated everyone.


Blaine had been okay with that at first, hadn’t cared because a crush meant nothing and it would go away, but then it hadn’t been just a crush.  He didn’t want Hummel to hate him.  His house, his friends, his reputation—none of that stuff about Hummel mattered to him.  He just wanted Hummel to look at him the way Nick and Jeff looked at each other.  Was that so much to ask?


“What’s that?” Hummel’s voice snapped him out of his daydreaming and he turned to the middle of the tower where a great big ball of…something was hovering.  It was mostly clear but had little waving lines in the middle of it, as if it was cracked.  But the lines disappeared every few seconds or so, reappearing in a different place and swaying.


Blaine was struck with a sudden sense of realization.  He knew what that thing was.  Cooper had used one of those things once a long time ago when he had just graduated from Hogwarts.  It was…  It was…


Hummel got closer to it.  It was suspended in the air right about chest-level with the young wizard and it was plain to see that he wasn’t amused by it.


“Someone’s enchanted a ball of water?” he asked, his brow furrowed.


And that’s when it hit Blaine.


The ball was in fact water and soap, strung together so tightly that the slightest movement within a few feet of it set it off.  And when it set off…  It wasn’t pretty.  The casing of the ball was actually pretty harmful when it snapped back, could cause serious damage.  But it did make everything pretty clean afterwards.


The charms were fairly common in Anderson household.  Cooper had enchanted custard into the shape to make sure it exploded all over their parents, had mixed together chemicals and magic so that fireworks would bounce around the drawing room, and, on one occasion, had set it up so that every power-like ingredient in the kitchen was strewn around the house just in time for their father to return home from work.


Their mother had used smaller, less concentrated versions of the water and soap charm to clean the tub or help wash the dishes.  It was how Cooper had learned.


And someone had brought the charm to Hogwarts with a ball that looked big enough to soak half the grounds.  It would drip down the window and through the halls and the groundskeeper would go nuts!  Peeves would probably—


Peeves.  It had to have been Peeves.  But he couldn’t cast the enchantment!  So who—


Blaine was brought back to attention as his fellow prefect took another step towards the ball.  Within the radius.


And so, without thinking, he launched himself at Hummel, tackling him to the floor and covering his body just as the ball of water exploded.


When everything settled—he was soaked and there were bubbles everywhere, literally overflowing and growing as far as the eye could see—he looked down. Hummel was sputtering against the soap, wiping his eyes. The parts of him underneath Blaine were relatively dry but they wouldn’t be for long, not if this thing kept expanding.


So Blaine was going to move. He totally was. Honestly. But…Kurt Hummel was underneath him and he suddenly really, really wanted to kiss him.


So he did.


It took barely a second for Hummel to respond and he did so readily. His hands came up to twist his fingers in Blaine’s damp curls and his mouth was eager and hot under Blaine’s, quick to open and allow the kiss to deepen. They were clutching at each other, kissing deep and dirty and hot.


And then Blaine was on his back with Hummel on top of him, pressing him into the soapy floor. He pulled out of the kiss but leaned into Blaine, whispering, “If you wanted me, Anderson, all you had to do was ask.”


Blaine watched Hummel stand up and banish the battlefield of bubbles and water with a flick of his wand while he just sat there, dumbstruck.  The 6th year gave him one final smirk before disappearing.




It was a full two days before Blaine could look at Hummel without blushing.  It was a week before he could open his mouth around him without nonsense coming out.  And it was nearly a month before they had an actual conversation.


Kurt—he found it impossible to refer to the other boy by his last name since the whole kissing thing had happened—was leaving the greenhouses just as Blaine was walking towards them.  The Slytherin was alone, far behind his other classmates, and as Blaine drew nearer, he realized that it had been planned.  Kurt had been waiting for.


The wizard in question was leaning against the glass doorway of the first greenhouse, watching the approaching Blaine with unwavering eyes.  Blaine felt like he was going to be dissected.


“Hufflepuff,” Kurt greeted.


“I have a name, you know,” Blaine spat back, suddenly on the defensive.  He regretted it immediately however when he saw Kurt’s face fall slightly.




Blaine swallowed around the lump in his throat.  “Hummel.”


“Fancy seeing you here.”


“It’s my next class.”


Kurt made an hmm noise, eyes trailing all alone Blaine’s body.  He resisted the urge to shudder.  “You’re right.  I knew that.  But I have a reason.  You’ve been watching me for weeks.  And you weren’t going to take initiative so I figured we could have a little chat.”


“What do you want from me?”  Blaine fidgeted, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.  “You and I—we hadn’t said a word to each other since patrol last month.  I didn’t think you even knew I existed.  And now suddenly you’re meeting me at my classes so that we can chat?”


The Slytherin nodded.  “Yes.”


Blaine scoffed.  “You…  You are a piece of work, Ku—Hummel.”


Smirking, Kurt tilted his head and licked a slow, leisurely line along his lips.  “Well wouldn’t you like to know.”


There was only one course of action as far as Blaine was concerned.  Turn around, leave, and forget.  Ignore Kurt for the rest of the year and hide for the year after until he was gone.  No more.  No more lovesick stares, no more self-hatred, no more being constantly angry at himself and at Kurt.  He was done.


So he was totally planning on doing that.  On leaving.  But instead, he had to open his mouth.  “Yes.”


Kurt’s eyebrows flew up.  “That can be arranged.”


Maybe there was a different course.  Maybe…maybe he could get what he wanted.  This could be the first step to getting Kurt to like him.  If he could have a real conversation with Kurt, actually sit down and talk about what he wanted…  Well at least he could try.


“Tonight,” Blaine said, his voice barely avoiding a crack.  “My dorm.”


“Can’t wait, Anderson.”  He winked as he walked away, leaving Blaine breathless and with wobbly knees.




After dinner, Blaine walked back to the Hufflepuff dormitories as slowly as he could.  His heart was beating a million miles an hour in his chest, his palms were sweating, and he was pretty sure that if he got any more nervous, he was going to faint.


His roommates were downstairs in the common room, two of them playing chess, Nick and Jeff curled up together on a couch, and the other three working on essays or homework.  Which meant the dorm was empty.


When he got up there though, it wasn’t.  There were black robes on the floor beside his bed—how could Kurt know it was his?—and Kurt was sitting at the end of it, his legs folded and his hands in his lap.


Blaine stepped completely into the room, closing the door behind him.  Kurt looked up.






Beyond that, Blaine couldn’t think of anything to say.  Luckily, Kurt had that covered.


"So," he said, uncrossing his legs and setting his hands on the mattress. "I’m here." Blaine noticed him dig his fingers into the yellow sheets just barely and wondered if Kurt was as nervous as he was.


"You are," he managed. His voice cracked.


Kurt arched an eyebrow, smirking. “Anxious, Hufflepuff?”


Just say it, Blaine.  Get it out.  "You said that if I wanted you all I had to do was…" He broke off and took a deep breath. "Was ask. I just had to ask."




"I… I’m asking."


Kurt’s smirk fell away, settling into a look of unobtrusive observation. He examined Blaine quietly, running his eyes up and down, over the robes and tie, down to the hand in which he still held his wand. Kurt’s gaze felt tangible and Blaine hastily stuffed his wand away and flexed his hands to try to make the tingling go away.


"Okay," Kurt said finally.


For a moment, Blaine was dumbstruck. Okay? That was it?  It couldn’t have been that easy.  For two years, all he’d ever had to do was tell Kurt that he wanted him and they would have been together?  Just like that?


But then he didn’t get to be dumbstruck anymore because Kurt had his hands on Blaine’s shirt and was pulling him between his legs, kissing him thoroughly. It was like the kiss on patrol days earlier except it was slower and Kurt was really touching him, stroking his neck, shoving his robes off of his shoulders, trailing his fingertips down Blaine’s chest and stomach and down to his trousers where searching fingers grasped at the half-hard flesh against Blaine’s thigh. And as much as Blaine wanted to buck into that hand and moan and completely surrender because Kurt Hummel was touching him, he just couldn’t.


"Wait!" Blaine choked out, stumbling backwards. "I—no—that’s too—too much, Kurt."


Kurt looked confused. “You said you wanted me,” he said, eyebrows furrowed.


Blaine swallowed tightly and tried to come up with something reasonable to say but he was lacking too much blood in other vital parts of his body to think straight. “Yeah, to be my boyfriend!”


"What?!" Kurt scooted back up the bed, mouth open, shocked. "Why?!"


"Because I like you! I want to date you!”


Kurt frowned. “Really?”


"Of course! I—Kurt, I don’t just want sex or a hookup or something like that. I want to be with you. I… I’ve had a crush on you for years." He was sure he was blushing wildly but he didn’t care. "I want to go out with you to Hogsmeade and make out in the library and stare at each other dopily in the dining hall. But if that’s not what you want—”


"No one’s ever wanted me for…for that before."


"Well I do."


Kurt looked up at him curiously, but he didn’t speak. Instead, he got off the bed and walked to his discarded robes, pulling them over his shoulders.


Blaine couldn’t move. Paralyzed with shock, he stared and waited. It had to be a mistake. Kurt couldn’t be… He couldn’t leave.


But he was. He was leaving, turning to the slim mirror on his way towards the door to check his hair. And so Blaine couldn’t help it.


"Fuck you, Hummel."


Kurt stopped but didn’t turn around.


"Fuck you and your attitude and your stupid fucking ability to make me fall for you. Fuck your arrogance and your pride and your fear that you may actually want me back. Just… Fuck you. Because if you leave right now, it’s the only chance you’re gonna get. I’ll say yes to Sebastian. At least he’s man enough to admit that he wants something real from me."


Kurt spun around immediately, glaring. “He’s a swine. He’s a liar and an asshole and as soon as he gets into your pants, he’ll ditch you and tell the whole school that you begged for it like a whore. He’ll call you his stalker whenever you try to talk to him, he’ll make sure you fall in love with him and then break your heart into a million pieces. You say yes to him, he’ll make your life hell.”


"So what do you expect me to do then? Wait for you to want me back?"


Groaning, Kurt grabbed the front of Blaine’s robes into tightly clenched fists and pulled him close, smashing their mouths together.


It lacked finesse but it was long and passionate and Blaine clung to him like he was a lifeline. His knees buckled and he moaned weakly, just trying to hold on. But finally, all too quickly in Blaine’s opinion, Kurt broke the kiss.


"I do want you back, you moron,” he hissed. “I’ve wanted you since I first laid eyes on you. But guys like you don’t go for guys like me.”


Blaine’s mouth fell open in shock. “What are you talking about?”


"Popular, smart, strong, athletic, Quidditch player, probably studying endlessly for your O.W.L.s—you’re nice and you’re sweet and people like you.”


"Of course people like you, Kurt—”


"They want me. Or they fear me. Or they hate me. But nobody likes me.”


Pushing himself up onto his tiptoes, Blaine pressed his lips softly against Kurt’s before whispering, “I like you,” into his mouth.  "I like you a lot."


They kissed for a moment longer before Kurt breathed, “What now?”


"Now," Blaine said happily, "you’re my boyfriend."




"Yeah. And," he added, "we’re going to Hogsmeade together next weekend."


"Oh really?"




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